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Perlite expansive furnace is widely used in the world

Today, 90% of the perlite production equipment used in China is designed and manufactured by Hankou electric furnace company.

Perlite vitrified microbead expansion furnace is developed and put into operation by our company in 1999.

And the national invention certification was successfully obtained in 2003.

After extensive use of various enterprises, it has been widely affirmed.

Now it is widely used in major foreign enterprises, exported to the United States, Australia, Turkey, Malaysia, Thailand and so on.

In the past 2011-2012 years, our company has speeded up the technological improvement of the perlite expansion furnace, upgraded the manufacturing process, updated the special insulation material and improved the heating element technology.

The production equipment of perlite in our company is focused on improving the quality of closed hole perlite.

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