Vermiculite Expansion Furnace

Vermiculite Expansion Furnace (Vermiculite Roasting Equipment) is mainly used for roasting vermiculite and the expansion of vermiculite.

Temperature: 150-800℃

Drum Type Calcining Furnace

HKFurnace's Drum-type gold ore Calcining furnace is mainly used for calcination gold ore, removing arsenic, removing sulphur, reduction Calcining.

Temperature: 600-900℃

Molecular Sieve Roasting Furnace

GR2 series molecular sieve Production equipment can also be used in the drying and roasting of various mineral products such as flux, rare earth and bauxite.

Temperature: 700-850℃

Dregs-Remover Roasting Furnace

Rotary Drum dregs-remover roasting furnace use for micro-expansion roast the perlite ore sand forming dregs-remover.

Temperature: 150-650℃

Sand Mould Sintering Furnace

Sand Mould Sintering Furnace is batch type energy-saving Sintering Furnace, specializing in precision casting industry, sand mold shell Sintering, gypsum wax sintering, Sintering temperature of 1050ºC.

Temperature: 950-1050℃

Steam Heat Treatment Furnace

Steam Heat Treatment Furnace is used for steam heat treatment of compressor rotor, stator, silicon steel sheet, cutting tool, powder metallurgy, etc.

Temperature: 550-650℃

Car Bottom Catalysts Sintering Furnace

Car Bottom Catalysts Sintering Furnace can be used to sintering a variety of non-metallic materials, such as sintering of catalyst in petrochemical industry, sintering of rare earth, and drying and baking of various kinds of mineral products such as flux, bauxite and so on.

Temperature: 500-950℃