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Our ion nitriding machining center is officially serving the outside world.

The professional heat treatment technology team of our company has designed, developed and improved glow ion nitriding furnace, which has been applied to various automotive, aerospace, military, shipbuilding and other industries all over the world.

After years of operation, the ion nitriding processing center of Hankou electric furnace company is open to the outside world.

It can do the nitriding experiments for the customers of various industries and produce various kinds of services.

Our company specializes in providing metal surface nitriding technology services, specializing in plasma nitriding and glow plasma nitriding.

At present, our company's ion nitriding furnace equipment manufacturing and ion nitriding processing technology in the industry leading level.

Through the ion nitriding external processing, our company has carried out extensive technical cooperation on many enterprises, such as gear, drive shaft, worm wheel and worm, machine tool spindle, extruder rod, sleeve, cam, precision mold, reducer, synchronous ring, hydraulic cylinder, guide plate, traverse tube and so on.

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Company News

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