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Our ion exchange salt bath furnace is widely used in glass toughening enterprises in the United States

The ion exchange salt bath furnace has advanced technology, high temperature control accuracy and automation, and the glass toughening process is fully controlled by microcomputer.

Mobile phone industry and display industry put forward higher requirements for screen glass parts.

Toughened glass for mobile phone screens and flat screens requires high standards for wear resistance, scratch resistance, transparency, strength and toughness.

The chief engineer of HKFurnace Kong Keqiang began to start the research and development of the technical team in 2009, introduced the advanced international technology, and then through a large number of practical applications, developed and manufactured the glass tempering equipment of the ion exchange salt bath furnace.

Today, the famous glass manufacturing companies in the United States use our factory ion exchange salt bath furnace to produce high quality toughened glass, cellphone glass, display glass and other products.

The glass tempering equipment has high performance price ratio, high degree of automation, stable performance, long service life, no fault occurred in the perennial use and suitable for mass production.

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