Plasma Nitriding which is also referred to as Ion Nitriding, creates a wear resistant layer on a parts surface by a thermal diffusion reaction.

Plasma Nitriding / Ion Nitriding Furnace

Application Range

Plasma / Ion Nitriding which is also referred to as Ion Nitriding, creates a wear resistant layer on a parts surface by a thermal diffusion reaction.

This technique improves mechanical properties such as wear resistance, fatigue resistance, resilience, etc.

The plasma process is performed in a vacuum / partial pressure environment and is an alternate to Gas Nitriding.

Ion nitriding is a process of surface hardening of metallic materials that incorporates nitrogen into the surface of the treated parts.

Due to the particular nature of the nitrogen incorporation, the ion nitriding of the steel and grey cast iron is, in many cases, far superior to the simple nitriding processes previously discovered.

Product Features

Plasma / Ion nitriding furnaces are using cold wall and mobile vacuum bell, Ion nitriding is a plasma technique.

The load is set at a cathodic potential while the chamber is set at an anodic potential. The difference in potential thus created enables, under a sufficiently low pressure, the creation of a plasma dissociating the gaseous species. So there is a release of active nitrogen that is accelerated in the direction of the load to create plasma nitriding around it.

No environmental and safety problems, as neither dangerous nitriding materials are used nor produced.

By plasma, the parts have to be placed in a vacuum vessel and are electrically insulated from the case. At a pressure of 50 - 500 Pa, a pulsed electrical D.C. voltage of several hundred volts is used between work piece and vessel, whereby the workload is switched cathodically. The ionizing of the remaining gas in the vessel results in a glow discharge. The electrical, positive ions are moving towards the work piece and impact with high kinetic energy.

By ionizing the gas used may be exploited effectively,minimal requirement of gas.

The structure of the nitride layer may be controlled,surface parts which may not be treated, can be protected by covering

The working parameters of HKFurnace's ion nitriding equipment are very large, up to 2500mm in diameter, 5000m in length, and up to 20000Kg in weight.

Extends part/tool life

Selective hardening process

Reusable masking (versus coatings or other surface treatments)

Adds performance, fatigue strength and endurance

Enhances surface lubricity

Reduces erosion

Increases material flow in molds and dies

Improves corrosion resistance

No post-process machining

Improves wear resistance

Zero to minimal growth/distortion

Precise and versatile

Environmentally friendly process (i.e. free of toxic salts, ammonia and any other toxic gases)

Phase controllable compound zone (or white layer)

Plasma Nitriding / Ion Nitriding Furnace