The RX3 series 650℃ box / chamber tempering furnace is mainly used for tempering heat treatment of alloy steel products and all kinds of metal parts.

Chamber Tempering Furnace

Application Range

RX3 series Box / Chamber Tempering Furnace is mainly used for mold annealing, high manganese steel castings, gray iron castings, roller, ball, wear-resistant lining and other parts of annealing.

Our Chamber Tempering Furnace are provided for temperature ranges from 150ºC to 650ºC.

Product Features

HKFurnace provides Chamber Tempering Furnace in custom designs and dimensions to match customer production and process requirements.

Tempering furnace using ultra save energy structure, the industry's advanced of high-purity ceramic fiber insulation.

Heated from five sides or three sides (from both sides, rear wall, door and bottom), uniform temperature distribution in furnace chamber.

Fiber insulation also in combination with meander shaped heating for short heating times.

Our tempering furnace using resistance band heating element for long life.

Using special high-precision temperature control system , tempering technology curve to achieve full automation, temperature control accuracy±1ºC.

While the automatic execution of precision annealing process, to achieve rapid heating insulation and efficient energy-saving heat treatment of advanced technology. 

Bottom heating elements in bottom covered by diathermic SiC plates, high mechanical strength, protection for bottom heating.