Rotary Drum Dryer also is named Rotary Dryer, Drum Dryer, Rotary Drying Machine, it is a mature product which is very suitable, use for drying and dewatering.

Rotary Drum Dryer

Application Range:

Rotary Dryer also is named Rotary Drum Dryer, Drum Dryer, Rotary Drying Machine. It is a mature product which is very suitable

For drying and dewatering many kinds of powdery,granulous and massive material with moisture such as river sand,silica sand,limestone,slag,coal ash,sawdust,wood shavings,wood chips, chicken manure,grass,bean dredgs,cassava residue,cassava residue,coal slurry,etc in the industries Of mineral dressing,building material, metallurgy,chemical and fertilizer.

Product Features:

HKFurnace have devoted to the reseach and production of Rotary Dryer for more than 50 years.

We supply the advanced Rotary Dryer with the first class quality and competitive price in the market.

Rotary Dryer mainly consist of Rotary Drum, Inlet Hole, Discharging Hole, Ring, Gear, Carrier Roller, Transimission ASSY, Air Duct Pipe, Induced Draft Fan, Hot Air Furnace, Chimney, Cyclone Dust Separator, etc.

The Capacity of Sunco Machinery Rotary dryers can be from 0.5 t/h to much large capacity as your actual need.


  1. ‍Energy Saving Design.
  2. Electric heating, environment Friendly
  3. Easy Maintenance and Operation, Low Invest Cost
  4. Long Usage Lifetime