High Temperature Pit Furnace (1200℃) is mainly used for normalizing, quenching and heat treatment for alloy steel, chromium steel and other metal mechanical parts.

High Temperture Pit Furnace (1200℃)

Application Range:

RJ3 series High temperature pit type furnace, the highest temperature is 1200 degrees, and the working temperature range is 850-1200℃.

It is mainly used for normalizing, annealing, quenching and heat treatment for alloy steel, high speed steel, high manganese steel, high chromium steel, shaft type, pipe material and other metal materials and mechanical parts.

Power 30-1800KW; furnace diameter 300-6000mm, the maximum depth can reach 48 meters.

Product Features:

HKFurnace provides High temperature Pit Furnace in custom designs and dimensions to match customer production and process requirements.

The RJ2 series high temperature pit furnace structure is made of steel plate and section steel, and is made of cylindrical furnace, sealed and welded.

The lining of the furnace is built with energy saving fire-resistant insulation material.

The cover of the furnace is operated manually or electrically.

A methanol or kerosene system can be installed on the furnace cover to produce a simple protective atmosphere.

Install nitrogen intake pipe to prevent explosion.

The lid of the lifting furnace is equipped with a limit switch to ensure safe operation.

Matching automatic temperature control cabinet, thermocouple.