It is mainly used for rapid automatic quenching heat treatment of aluminum alloy castings, aluminum profiles, aluminum alloy plates, aluminum alloy network boards and pistons.

Roller Aluminium Alloy Quenching Line

Application Range

Drop Bottom Aluminum Alloy Quenching Furnace mainly use for very tight temperature control, fast quench times and rapid heat-up.

Advanced aluminum alloy automatic quenching furnace production line.

Our Tempering Industrial Furnace are provided for temperature ranges from 450ºC to 600ºC.

Product Features

The mechanical action of raceway aluminum alloy quenching furnace is fully executed by PLC, and the aluminum alloy quenching process is automatically completed by microcomputer.

A complete set of aluminum alloy quenching production lines includes:

  1. Automatic inlet and outlet raceway
  2. Special designed high temperature hot air circulation system
  3. High temperature and high resistance heating element for precision design
  4. Automatic quench frame
  5. A fully automatic drying rack after quenching

All process steps need no manual operation, and the production line can be fully automated.

Precision execution of quenching process curve of aluminum alloy.

A microcomputer program is used for high precision temperature control.