Perlite Expansion Furnace are specially used to manufacture closed pearlites, hollow pearlite vitrification microsphere.

Perlite Expansion Furnace ( Perlite Expander )

Application Range

Perlite is an amorphous volcanic glass that has a relatively high water content, typically formed by the hydration of obsidian. It occurs naturally and has the unusual property of greatly expanding when heated sufficiently. It is an industrial mineral and a commercial product useful for its low density after processing.

Perlite Expansion Furnace are specially used to manufacture closed pearlites, hollow pearlite vitrification microsphere.

Increasingly began to use our pearlite expansion furnaces to produce newly wall heat-insulated materials with the pearlite vitrification microsphere.

During the present five years, in China, 80% of pearlites vitrification microspheres that are used for wall heat-insulated mortar are produced by pearlite expansion furnaces manufactured by our company.

Product Features

Perlite Expansion Furnace use six microprocessors to full-automatically control the the technology curve production process of perlite expansion.

The heat-insulated mortar vitrification microsphere expansion furnace was successfully invented in Feb, 2003 by our president, a superior engineer, Kong Keqiang.

300 sets of them have been continuously used for ten years more or less.

Applications of the Pearlite Vitrification Microsphere

  1. The pearlite vitrification microsphere is a kind of new heat- insulated material used internationally and widely. The forming process is, after the expanding of high temperature furnace, we use six microprocessors to full-automatically control the expanding technology process of lava mineral sand to make shell hardening in the surface of mineral sand, external wall closed, internal crystallized water gasification, make the mineral sand become a round hollow ball structure; at last, form the lava pearlite vitrification microsphere. The product has high strength, and very low coefficient of water absorption, only 50%-85% (the traditional is 360%-480%). The hole-closed rate is more than 95%, the nodulizing rate 90%, the grain size 0.1mm to 2mm, the bulk density 100 kg/m2 to 250 kg/m2, the heat conductivity 0.047w/m.k to 0.054w/m.k, the strength of tube pressure 38% to 46%, and the fire resistance 1280℃ to 1360℃. It is easy to disperse in the cementing materials, such as fire-resistance materials, cement, resin, water glass, gypsum, especially when it is used in the external and internal wall liquid system the heat- insulated mortar keeps the good fluidity.
  2. The heat- insulated dry mortar with the pearlite vitrification microsphere is widely used in the external and internal wall heat insulation of house buildings.
  3. In the fire-resistance materials, the product can be used to produce 0.6g/cm3 light economizer fire-resistance bricks and various superlight economizer fire-resistance materials. It can displace 50% of microspheres, and is a new generation substance of microspheres. It can not only improve the product quality, but also reduce the product cost. Because the pearlite vitrification microsphere is cheaper and better than microspheres, all the fire-resistance factories begin to use it largely. And in China, the productive output is the two tenth thousand of the requirement. So the market is broad.
  4. In the building material trade, the product can be used as heat- insulated, sound-proof, adiabatic and external and internal wall heat- insulated mortars, and various light decorative laminates, ceiling laminates, GRC wall laminates, hollow rifflers, composite wall materials. Now in America the product has been used in high building partitions and middle doors. It displaces the traditional partition to keep warmth and resist fire.
  5. In the drink, beer and medicine trade, the product is used as filter ceramic and filter aid.
  6. In the chemical industry and furnace manufacture, the product can be used to keep
  7. heat pipe warmth, manufacture furnace adiabatic products and insulated products.
  8. In the military industry, the product can displace the expensive glass microsphere in the manufacturing of the emulsion explosion.
  9. In the fire-fighting, the product can be used to make fire-escape materials.
  10. The perlite vitrification microsphere is widely used aboard. In China all the lava pearlite products are most original, in the state of low-level unclosed, half-vitrification, and water-drop opening, but vitrification microsphere expansion products. After the several years reaearching, we absorbed the world advanced techniques, and successfully made the first pearlite expansion furnace, all of whose technology abilities achieved the most advanced level. In order to insure all the products are qualified in the process of full-automatic sintering, we company use the microprocessor program technology curve to highly and automatically control the temperature, fast tracking the blanking problems, automatically output different capacities and radiation waves, and finish different sintered expansion case hollow ball-forming process curves of mineral sand in the process of free-fall motion in the furnace. During the five years, the product has no troubles, but has large production and high efficient.
Perlite Expansion Furnace