HKFurnace has a complete line of Magnesium Melting Furnace to melt Magnesium, magnesium alloy, etc.

Magnesium Heat Treatment Furnace

Application Range:

ZRT3 series Magnesium Heat Treatment Furnace is mainly used in magnesium alloy industry, magnesium alloy castings, magnesium alloy castings, and industrial magnesium alloy profiles.

Product Features

This series of Car Bottom Magnesium Alloy Hear Treatment Furnace adopts hot air internal circulation system in furnace.

High temperature uniformity technique for double air circulation

The fan adopts special hot air internal circulation fan and stainless steel coaxial casting blade.

The application of high temperature equalization technology and advanced structure is an automatic trolley structure.

Easy to install, long working life

Magnesium alloy quenching furnace is made of aluminum silicate fiber for energy conservation.

HKFurnace provides Magnesium Heat Treatment Furnace in custom designs and dimensions to match customer production and process requirements.